Copy and photos needed …..

It’s been a quiet few weeks since the District Assembly and each day I look at my emails hoping someone will have contacted me with news for the website, but as yet, my inbox is empty.

Have you done anything unusual this summer, apart from being glued to the Olympics on TV.  I think I’ve spent time watching every single sport in the 2012 Olympics and I’m sure you’ve been the same.  However, there must be the odd one or two who have done other things and if you think it would be of interest to the rest of District 17, drop me an email telling me all about it, together with photos, and I will share this with all our members.

Has anyone celebrated a special anniversary or been lucky enough to have a new grandchild?  Let me know and we can all participate in your joy.  You can contact me on

Maggie Ellison, District Editor