District Assembly (Tuesday, 24th July 2012)

The theme for our Annual Assembly was communication at all levels within Inner Wheel. The morning meeting was held at St Boniface Centre, Credition and was a change from the usual evening meeting. If somewhat noisy at times, there was a good exchange of ideas within the groups and all groups identified three key points that they could take forward and work with.

Ideas about promoting Inner Wheel at events was discussed and a fashion show was held with some very elegant Inner Wheel models showing aprons, jackets, high visibility jackets, banners, stickers and wrapping paper.  The website for the jackets is www.pvmsupplies.co.uk.

Information about District 17’s website was given which will allow everyone to keep up-to-date with news and events in real time and is an exciting new venture which I hope you will all use.

The Chairman’s Challenge was launched by asking all Clubs to produce a folder for new members to inform them of the Club’s activities and history.

Lastly, my thanks must go to all Executive Members and Marjorie for ensuring the meeting kept to time and for giving so much information to all the Clubs present.

Jill Cobley, District Chairman

New Website

Welcome to YOUR new website.  Our District Chairman, Jill Cobley, and I very briefly discussed the idea of having our own website at the District Assembly in Leicester earlier this month.  I thought I could persuade my son to put one together for us and hey presto, as the saying goes “mighty oaks from little acorns grow”.  It’s very much in its infancy and with the first few pages set up for me by said son, I now seem to be on my own so let’s see how I get on unsupervised!  Most pages you will see are ‘place holders’ at the moment, so please bear with us as we add more content over the coming weeks and months.

Although I shall be managing the content, this website is YOURS – every member of District 17 – and I shall need your input to ensure that everyone can find out what is happening within our District at the touch of a button.

This Home page will be updated on a regular basis as will our News page.  If you keep the news coming, I will put it on-line for all to see.  This also applies to the the Calendar page, so please will all Club Secretaries keep me informed of relevant dates, especially Inter Clubs and Zone Rallies, and anything else to which the whole District is welcome. Hopefully it will enable more Clubs to visit each other by giving sufficient notice so that we don’t double-book events.  How many times have I heard someone say they haven’t been to an Inter Club for ages and they don’t know why as they always used to go?  With sufficient notice and by regular viewing of our website, this should never happen again. Let’s endeavour to keep everyone informed, in good time, so that District 17 can aim to be the friendliest District in GB & I.

Another interesting page will be the Gallery.  It’s so nice to see what each Club is doing and to perhaps borrow a few ideas for our own future events, so come on everyone, email me your photos (preferably in jpeg), together with caption, and I will post them on the site for all to see.  My email is maggie@innerwheeldistrict17.co.uk and I look forward to receiving your news, photos, dates and anything else you think may be of interest.

Happy reading from Maggie Ellison, District Editor